My original intention was to write reviews of relevant books on this blog, but it now appears that I would be too busy to do so. Instead I will share my current library of books and (maybe later) provide a brief description of the books which I have completed reading.

Finished Reading

Secular Books
Killing is Harmless – Brendan Keogh
Reality is Broken – Jane McGonigal

Christian Books
Inklings of God – Kurt Bruner
Redeeming Pop Culture – T. M. Moore
Work & Leisure in Christian Perspective – Leland Ryken
Of Games and God – Kevin Schut (book review)

Yet to Read (but on my bookshelf)

Secular Books
Extra Lives – Tom Bissell
How To Do Things With Videogames – Ian Bogost
Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture – Alexandar R. Galloway

What Videogames Have To Teach Us About Learning and Literacy – James Paul Gee

Christian Books
Complete Book of Everyday Christianity – Robert Banks & Paul Stevens
Eyes Wide Open – Steve DeWitt
Halos and Avatars – Craig Detweiler
Popologetics – Ted Ternau
Finding God in Unexpected Places – Philip Yancy


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