This is what an LoL advertisement looks like in Singapore

Note the money-hugging Uncle Sam

Recently, these advertisements have appeared in bus stop billboards in Singapore, and probably elsewhere.

My first thought: I’m unsure about the ethics of this advertisement campaign targeting youth given that LoL is a highly addictive micro-transactions based game.

My second thought: No way that 1 in 4 figure is correct.

After some digging around, turns out that this figure is based on the statistic of 200,000 registered Singaporean LoL users.  While it is just misleading to assume that these 200,000 are unique users, or that all of these 200,000 are even active, 200,000 is still a huge number, given’s Singapore’s small population of 5.3 million.  By comparison, there are only 523,00 local residents (excluding foreigners) between 15 to 24 years old living in Singapore (source)

Videogame addiction is an increasing common problem among youth in Singapore today, and I won’t be surprised if that’s true elsewhere as well.  Perhaps there needs to be a much more concerted effort to address this issue both in the church, as well as in civil discourse.


5 thoughts on “This is what an LoL advertisement looks like in Singapore

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I read the whole article and wondered what this had to do with LOL (laughing out loud). It took me a read or two to realize I was looking for the wrong thing. I’m guessing that League of Legends is significantly more popular than WoW. Not entirely sure we have a comparison in the US.

    This makes me curious. I’m assuming other young folk in Singapore aren’t terribly like yourself, but I could be wrong. What are the “kids playing” these days? Besides LoL?

    • From what I understand from the statistics, lots of people play LoL in the US too, just not “1 in 4”. But actually, I don’t really know what school-going children are playing now…I should find out! A few years ago the school I was teaching in organized a cybergames competition which included only DOTA and Counterstrike, which I guess is a pretty good indicator of what games they played then. (I actually formed a DOTA team with my students and participated in the competition) Probably that has evolved into LoL and various FPS shooters now.

      • Ah Counterstrike! I was really late to the CS party. My boss handed out copies of 1.6 to all of us a couple months ago. We went to town over lunch for a number of weeks before CS:Global Offensive opened up. I didn’t expect to get super sucked-into the game.

        Now it’s my most-played game in Steam. The play dynamics and game types are much more subtle and tactical than Call of Duty. But I can’t help but feel like both games have similar appeal. The only difference is that CoD is respawn-heavy (making for a much-less risky game) and doesn’t have a distinct terrorist vs counter-terrorists game type. Since CS:GO is aesthetically up to par with CoD and features some strong realism, they make a surprisingly strong comparison in my mind.

        How do you feel about that comparison?

      • Erm….the counterstrike in my memories was the original half-life mod. I haven’t played Source or Global Offensive. I’ve really not been playing FPSes the past couple of years, although I did find time to complete the single-player campaign for Resistance and CoD4:MW.

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